Wallace Bar Lyon

11am - 12am Sun-Tue
11am - 2:30am Wed-Sat

Food Service:
Mon-Sat 12-15 19-22h
Sunday 11-16 18:30-21h

2 Rue Octavio Mey
69005 Lyon

04 72 00 23 91


Tartare de Saumon Bio d'Ecosse 12€
-with an olive oil, cashew nuts and lemon sauce & a green salad
Sole Tropicale 13€
-with salad of leek, sundried tomatoes, flaked almonds & orange vinagrette, & melon gaspacho
Gambas Flambée au Pastis 13€
-pastis flambed shrimp served w/ curried courgettes, ricotta, honey, dried fruits & nuts, a beetroot macaroon
Cobb Salad 11€
-chicken, avacado, bacon, tomato, egg & romaine
Chicken Tandoori 9€
(lunch service only)
-brochettes of tandoori chicken, with a green salad
Salade au Foie Gras Maison 12€
(lunch service only)
-served with toast, salad & onion preserve
Terrine Maison 6€
-homemade terrine
BBQ Chicken Wings 8€
-basket of delicious BBQ chicken wings
Sliders 9€
-4 Wallace mini burgers


Onglet de Veau 13€
-steak with IPA marinated sweet potato chips & salad
Carpaccio de Boeuf 13€
-served with chips & a green salad
Charolaise Grillé +200g 15€
(lunch service only)
-served with chips or gratin
Tartare de Boeuf 13€
(lunch service only)
-steak tatare with tomato, mozzarella & pesto, served w/ salad and chips


Fish & Chips 12€
-fresh fish prepared in our own beer batter, served with fresh chips, mushy peas & home-made tartar sauce.
Wallace Club Sandwich 12€
-grilled chicken breast, bacon, cheddar cheese & tomato, served w/ chips & green salad
Smoked Bio Salmon Club Sandwich 14€
-organic smoked salmon, Philadelphia & tomato served with salad & chips
Wallace Burgers 12€
-beef, chicken or vegetarian
All our burgers are home-made & fully dressed! They are served on a local artisanal burger bun, & come with chips, green salad & coleslaw
Foie Gras Maison Burger 17€
-the classic Wallace beef burger topped with a slice of foie gras extra
The Double Burger 16€
(lunch service only)
-double beef (or chicken), cheese, bacon, tomato & topped w/ a fried egg!
Rack BBQ Ribs 12€ / Double Rack 17€
(lunch service only)
-pork ribs marinated & slow cooked in BBQ sauce, served w/ mash & onion rings
Plat du Jour
(lunch service only)
Main meal of the day - ask your server for details


Bruschetta aux Légumes 11€
-with tomato, marinated vegetables & pesto, served with a duo of chickpea & beetroot houmous

For reservations
call us at: 04 72 00 23 91



Cheesecake of the day 5€
-the perfect way to end your meal.
Tiramisu 5€
-butterscotch pudding with bittersweet ganache and caramelize white chocolate crispies.
Lemon Tart 5€
-a delicious incredible and unbeatable combination of crumbly, buttery pastry with a citrusy, sharp creme.
Café Gourmand 7€
-coffee served with a selection of delicious delights
Whisky Gourmand 9€
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 5€
Dessert of the day 5€
Ask your server for details


The Big Breakfast 12€
-baked beans, hash browns, black and white pudding, sausage, haggis, mushrooms, bacon and toast.
Roast of the Day 11€
Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs 11€
Eggs Benedict 10€
Bacon & Eggs 7€
Smoked Salmon Bagel 10€
-cream cheese and salmon bagel served with scrambled egg
Stack of Silver Pancakes 10€
-pankcakes with maple syrup, fruit and yogart.